Name: Jane Dias
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/11/2019

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Luiza Leonardi Bricalli Advisor *

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Luiza Leonardi Bricalli Advisor *
Cláudia Câmara do Vale Internal Examiner *

Summary: The general objective of this research is to propose geological-geomorphological paths at the Espírito Santo Federal University (Goiabeiras Campus), using concepts of geotourism, in order to suggest the geoconservation of these areas of geological and geomorphological interest and the dissemination of scientific knowledge of geology and geomorphology in Goiabeiras campus of the Espírito Santo Federal University (UFES). The methodological basis used integrates cabinet analysis and field data available in the literature. In the office, were performed: i) literature review; ii) elaboration of geomorphological geological path map. In the field an analysis of each geosystem was performed from the geological and geomorphological characterization, for analysis of scientific, educational and tourist potential with the use of specific applications. The results show that the Goiabeiras campus has great potential for the implementation of a geotourism in the place represented mainly by: i) the geological characteristics, especially the size of the environments, the lithotypes, as the structures represented by failures and fractures, ii) the geomorphological characteristics of the sites with normally flat morphology, low to medium altitude, with vertical curves, marked by structural control, surrounded by a quaternary plain. Educational and tourist values were the most selected. Given the above, this research suggests 2 (two) proposals regarding the geosites and the Geological-Geomorphological Path in the Goiabeiras Campus of UFES: i) Geosites monitoring and; ii) Illustrative and explanatory plates implementation in each Geosite.

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