Space, Culture and Languages

Description: This research area brings together studies of the cultures and semiotics within various spaces and territories.; Culture is both a phenomenon within the system-idea of the capitalist economy as well as a formative element in the expression of identities. Language represents the many readings, interpretations, and representations of space, including signs, symbols, images, cartographies, etc.. This research also investigates cultural processes that permeate globalization and a generalized world culture, including the territorialization and deterritorialization of things, people, and ideas, the proliferation of simulacra, the virtuality of reality, and the constitution of new ways of life to the detriment of others

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
GeQa Geography of the Food and food Issue 28/10/2015 60
Maps and mappings and cartographies and thoughts about space and... 01/08/2019 48
12/05/2018 39
PROJETO RASURAS [2020 - 2025] 01/04/2020 60
15/05/2019 24
PROJETO RASURAS (2015-2020) 08/04/2015 60
01/01/2017 31
20/05/2013 48
01/01/2015 24
NARRADOC 04/03/2014 24
01/12/2013 24
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